Important Dates


Invited Speaker

  • HAN Qide


    the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,the honorary president of China Association of Science and Technology,

Special Guest

  • Wang Yaping


    the four-level astronaut of PLA astronaut brigade, rank of lieutenant colonel

Keynote Speakers

  • Massimiano BUCCHI


    Editor Public Understanding of Science
  • Noyuri Mima


    professor of Future University Hakodate
  • LIAO Fangyu


    Director of Computer Network Information Center, Chinese

Plenary Lecture Speaker

  • Michel CLAESSENS


    ITER policy and communication Officer
  • LI Fengzheng


    Vice Director of School of Social Science of Tsinghua University
  • Jan Riise


    Manager for Engagement of City Future Research Center in Chalmers University ofTechnology
  • GUO Yike


    Professor of Imperial College

About Science & You


Science & You promotes and valorizes the culture of science. For the first time, it will take place in China. Following openings made by the National Academy of Innovation Strategy (NAIS) (Beijing), a collaboration was brokered with the University of Lorraine (France) with a view to organize the conference in China in September 2018.

Science & You is the offshoot and development of the “Hubert Curien Days” on the science of culture, named after the French physicist and minister of research and technology, were created by the University of Lorraine with the ambition to make them an unmissable international forum for researchers and professionals of the culture of science. This will  develop the culture of science coincides with that of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), which is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.

Globalization rests upon diversity: diversity of science communication strategies and practices, diversity of contexts in which communication actions take place, diversity of publics at which is aimed science communication, diversity of reception, diversity of understanding… diversity of questions, issues, responsibilities, of science communicators as well as scientists… diversity of research in science of science communication, models, approaches, applications, impacts… This conference wants to acknowledge this diversity of contexts, publics, research, strategies and new insights… because it aims to be a place of sharing, exchanges, discussions and debates… an environment conducive to decentring, and an opportunity for enrichment.

• Publics, groups, communities
Diversity of publics
Local knowledge
Participation, engagement, involvement
People’s science culture
Cultures of science

• Scientists, science, society
Resistance to science communication
Responsible scientist
Science as culture
Science and anti-science
Science and public sphere

• Communicators, mediators, practitioners
Social responsibility of science communicators
Local contexts
Critical innovation
Outreaching communities
Responsive science communication

• Science communication domain
Emerging research fields
Traditions of research
Researchers and practitioners
New theoretical and empirical models
Perspectives on science communication